Here you’ll find information about accessing the County Office 365 platform


Multi Factor Authentication

Our Office 365 platform requires the use of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). This provides an additional layer of security when signing into the platform.

Setting up Multi Factor Authentication

If you have a new account or haven’t setup MFA before at next log in you will be asked to provide a phone number which will be used to send you an authentication code. This phone number can either be a mobile or landline number but we do recommend a mobile number just in case you need to login whilst you’re away from home.

When you next log into your account you might be asked to add some additional information to your account if required.

You will be asked to add a mobile number that will be used to send you an MFA code. We recommend using a mobile number for this so you can maintain access to your account whilst ‘out and about’.

You will then be sent an MFA to complete the setup process


This code needs to be entered into the setup to complete the process

Use the Authenticator App

If you would prefer to use an app on your phone rather than text message codes. You can use the Microsoft Authenticator App.

To add this to your account go to

Click ‘Add Sign in Method’ and choose Authenticator App from the list

The next screen will provide instructions on how to download the Microsoft Authenticator App and click next.

Once the app is downloaded, open it on your phone, click the + icon

Choose Work or School account

Select the option for Scan QR code

Scan the QR code that is on screen

Once this is complete. You will be able to see your one time pass code

How to update your MFA preferences

You can update your preferences by going to

Here you will be able to see the current phone numbers you can use for MFA code requests. To update your phone number click update and follow the process through which follows the same process at the start of this guide.

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