County Grants

  • Startup Grants (Squirrels-Explorers):
    • New Section £500.
    • New Group £1,500 – in addition, the County and TSA element of the membership fees will be reduced in the first year as follows:
      • 0-3 months before Jan 31st census count – 100% discount
      • 4-6 months before Jan 31st census count – 75% discount
      • 7-9 months before Jan 31st census count- 50% discount
      • 10-12 months before Jan 31st census count- 25% discount
  • OSM Grants
    • County will automatically fund OSM subscription for all groups/ sections/ units as it becomes due for renewal.

County Loans

  • Interest free.
  • Loans available up to the value of £10k.
  • Loans <£5,000 repayable over 36 months.
  • Loans > £5,000 repayable over 60 months.
  • Can be used for any district/ unit/ group project.
  • Group/ Unit loans need to be guaranteed by Districts.
  • District loans are issued in good faith.

County Hardship Grants

  • Individuals need to complete the ‘county hardship grant form’ available on the county website. Completed forms should be forwarded to the county secretary: [email protected].
  • Group / Unit members will receive 33.33% of costs to a maximum of £150.
  • District / County members will receive 50% of costs to a maximum of £150.
  • Hardship grant can be used for any purpose and will also be paid in addition to any international or IPEH funding

Download the County hardship loan application here

International Grants

  • Jamboree, Eurojam , Moots and IST
    • Funding for these events is ring-fenced by the County executive and held by the ACC International.
    • Successful appointments, as a leader, IST or youth member, to any of these international events will action funding. No application forms are needed.
    • Scarves for these events are funded by County.
    • ACC international or unit leaders will advise grant funding to successful applicants.
    • Hardship grants may be claimed (see above).
    • IPEH funding is not allowable.
  • All other International events
    • County allocates a grant of £15K a year towards international events. Once this total is reached no further grant is available so it is a ‘first come first served’ decision.
    • A grant of 10% of the total cost will be paid to youth members (subject to a maximum grant of £100).
    • In addition, a leader grant of £100 will be paid (subject to ratio of 1:6).
    • There will be a cap on any expedition of £3,000.
    • Funds will be released to the event organizer one month before the departure date and upon confirmation that the trip is proceeding as planned.
    • Hardship funds may be claimed but IPEH funding will not be granted.

Early Help Grants

  • Grants for youth members enrolled through the IPEH program are managed from the County Office.
  • IPEH funding is for payment of subs, uniform and UK camps/trips to allow children to participate in weekly scout meetings.
  • IPEH funding cannot be used for international trips.

Clive Packham Memorial Fund

  • The Clive Packham Memorial Fund was set up to honour the memory of Clive Packham, an adventurous West Sussex Venture Scout. The Fund exists to assist Scouts to participate in adventurous activities and is in the form of a monetary grant made to an individual. Activities that would be supported would include Explorer Belt expeditions and activities such as climbing, caving, sailing, scientific investigation, backpacking, high level walking and underwater exploration.
  • The trustees will decide the amount of grant an individual will be given but all applicants are expected to have fundraised the majority of their costs. Applications cannot be considered retrospectively so you must apply in the planning stage.
  • Applications should be made in writing, by individual Scouts, and addressed to Mrs Pat Rawcliffe, Clive Packham Memorial Fund, SASU coordinator, at [email protected].
  • Please tell us about your expected trip and explain how you are raising the money to meet your costs. In return, we would like to meet you before your trip to discuss your application and then again after your return to hear about your adventure. We look forward to supporting you.


Grants for all other purposes were discontinued 1st April 2019.

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